Do I need an attorney?

This would depend on the nature of your case. If you have sustained injuries such as a bruise or small cut that would heal completely, and the Employer/Insurer have agreed to pay your medical bills, it should not be necessary to have attorney assistance.

If however, the injury is of a more serious nature or if your claim is being contested by the Employer/Insurer, you would be well advised to retain the assistance of an attorney to assist you in navigating the very complicated claim process. The attorneys of Shugarman & Mehring have over 30 years experience representing injured workers in worker’s compensation claims.

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Practice Area

Practice Area

Automobile accidents


A automobile accident can change your life.

Motorcycle and bicycle accidents

Motorcycle and
bicycle accidents

Motorcycle accidents represent a unique area of the law.

Worker's Compensation


Worker’s Compensation in Maryland is a very complicated field to navigate.

Wrongful Death


Facing the loss of a loved is difficult to accept.