Tips for Choosing a Maryland Workers Compensation Attorney

One of the first things you should do when you need to defend a workers’ compensation claim is to hire an Maryland worker’s compensation attorney to assist you. Even if your employer doesn’t fight your claim, there is a good chance the insurance company will call it into question, and their team of attorneys will be working hard to protect their bottom line. You deserve legal representation, too, and you should choose someone who has experience defending employee’s claims.

Finding a Qualified Attorney

There are a few basic tips you should follow for finding any type of attorney. These apply to workers’ compensation claims, too. Take time to speak to a few different attorneys to get a feel for your options. Most offer free consultations, so you’ll have an opportunity to meet face-to-face for a short period of time to discuss your case. During this time, ask if the person with whom you are meeting will be the one handling your case. You don’t want to feel comfortable with someone and them pass your case off to someone else in the firm.

This is also a good time to discuss basic attorney-client issues. This includes fees, communication methods, and approach to the case. If you are more comfortable with an aggressive approach to your case, you don’t want to choose an attorney who is timid or passive. You and your attorney are a team and you should work together as such.

How Do You Choose the Best Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

Once you’ve narrowed down your comfort level with an attorney, you need to be sure he or she is expert enough to handle your workers’ compensation claim. There are many great attorneys out there. However, not all of them are experts when it comes to workers’ compensation laws.

It’s important to find someone whose credentials reflect experience with workers’ compensation in your state. You should request references and speak to people the attorney represented in their claims in the past. This is a great way to know the attorney has experience and see how he/she works with clients.

There is no set amount of experience that proves an attorney is good at what he or she does. However, if you find someone who seems qualified and easy for you to work with, it helps if he or she has at least five years of experience with workers’ compensation cases. This ensures there is a good variety of cases covering various topics in his or her portfolio.

There are also certifications available that show an attorney has gone above and beyond the required education and training for dealing with workers’ compensation. Consider asking any attorney you interview whether or not he or she has participated in training specifically geared to workers’ compensation topics. Learn more about what workers’ compensation attorneys need to know about the claims process. Visit the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission’s website.

Beginning Your Search for a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Maryland

If you need to find a workers’ compensation attorney, we can help. We know finding the right attorney can be challenging and we’re happy to discuss your case with you. For more information, contact Shugarman & Mehring at 410.783.4200 or toll free at 888.342.7200.

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