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Facing the loss of a loved is difficult to accept. When that loss occurs because of the negligence of another due to a medical mistake or accident is a traumatic experience for all.

At the Law Offices of Shugarman & Mehring we are well versed in determining the just compensation due the family and the Estate. Maryland law sets forth a complex judiciary process which governs compensation and wrongful deaths. If a loved one has died as a result of the negligence of another, Shugarman & Mehring will be able to assist you in this most difficult of times. We will take the time to know and understand your families situation in order to achieve the maximum recovery.

Our Fatal Injury Lawyers will Fight for your Love Ones Compensation

ShugarLaw is a personal injury lawyer firm in Maryland. We have aggressive automobile accident lawyers, motorcycle accident lawyers, bicycle accidents lawyers, wrongful death lawyers, workers' compensation lawyers and more.

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