What qualifies as a serious injury under Maryland’s workers’ compensation laws? Understanding the legal definition of a serious injury is crucial for those navigating the complexities of workers’ compensation claims arising from car accidents. What is legally considered a serious injury in the context of car accidents in Maryland? Maryland Workers’ Compensation for Car Accident […]

As a dedicated workers’ compensation attorney in Maryland, I frequently encounter questions regarding the duration of benefits for injured employees. Understanding the timeline for collecting workers’ compensation is crucial for those navigating the aftermath of a work-related injury. How long can injured employees collect workers’ compensation in Maryland? Here’s what you need to know. Initial […]

Can an Employee Refuse Workers’ Compensation? When injured on the job, many employees are faced with the question: Should I accept workers’ compensation, or is there a better alternative for me? It’s essential to understand your legal rights and options when it comes to Workers’ Compensation. Can an employee refuse workers’ compensation? Why might it […]

If you’ve been injured on the job, you might wonder how long it takes to receive a workers’ compensation settlement. The answer can vary depending on several factors unique to your case, so it’s important to remember that each workers’ comp claim is different. What’s the average time it takes to settle a claim and […]

When employees get injured or seriously sick, they face various challenges, including health issues, potential loss of income, and more. Thankfully, employers provide protections for workers’ rights in these scenarios, through programs like FMLA and workers’ compensation. However, how do these programs work, and how do they interact? If you’re an employee in need of […]

Does Workers’ Compensation Affect Future Employment? Unfortunate mishaps or accidents are a reality in many industries. If you suffer an on-the-job injury, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation. Workers’ comp is a benefit aimed at providing medical treatment, lost wages, and other support during your recovery. But have you ever wondered if filing for […]

If you’ve recently been involved in a car accident in Maryland, you may be wondering how long you have to submit a claim for your injuries. While it’s important to focus on your health and recovery immediately after an accident, the statute of limitations in Maryland means that you only have a certain amount of […]

Volunteering is a great way to give back to society and support your community. Many people volunteer their time and skills to nonprofit organizations or community groups, but there is always a risk of getting hurt while performing volunteer work. If you have been injured while volunteering, you may be wondering if you are eligible […]

Can I Resign While on Workers Comp?

Being injured at work can be a harrowing experience, and it can lead to a lot of uncertainty about what rights an employee has. If you have been injured at work, it is natural to wonder whether you can resign while on workers comp. It is a common question, but the answer is not always […]

Injuries at work can take a serious toll on an individual, both physically and financially. Fortunately, workers’ compensation is available to help cover lost wages and medical bills for those who are injured while on the job. But what happens if you are also collecting retirement benefits? Can you still collect workers’ compensation while also […]

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