What benefits are provided?

There are several benefits available through worker’s compensation. The three (3) most common are: 1.  Temporary Total Disability Benefits (TTD) which is the payment of 2/3 of your average weekly wage (subject to certain limitations) during the period that you are unable to work.  These benefits are available after the Claimant has missed more than […]

When will my benefits begin?

Some insurers will begin the benefits without the necessity of filing a formal claim with the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. Once a claim is filed with the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission, the insurer has 21 days within which to begin paying benefits or file to contest the claim The lawyers at Shugarman & Mehring quickly […]

Maryland workers’ compensation commission No. The law requires every employer to carry workers’ compensation insurance from a private insurance company. The Worker’s Compensation Commission administers the law and resolves disputes between employees and employer/insurers

Do I need an attorney?

This would depend on the nature of your case. Let’s say you have sustained injuries such as a bruise or small cut that would heal completely, and the Employer/Insurer have agreed to pay your medical bills. It should not be necessary to have attorney assistance. Let’s say the injury is of a more serious nature […]

Who pays my attorney?

An attorney is paid only if they are successful in recovering for their clients in worker’s compensation claims. Generally, there are no fees taken from the medical expenses or temporary total benefits if the case is uncontested. If the case is contested and a hearing is necessary before a Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commissioner, the Commissioner […]

There are seven (7) locations where Maryland Workers’ Compensation Claims are held: Baltimore Frederick Beltsville Cambridge LaPlata Abingdon Lavale Generally, the Commission will assign your hearing at the location closest to the Claimant’s home. The attorneys of Shugarman & Mehring regularly attend hearings at each of these locations.

May I choose my doctor?

Yes. The law allows the Claimant to select a doctor of their choice. However, the Maryland physician must agree to accept payment in accordance with the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Fee Schedule in full pay and cannot look to the Claimant for payment of any other monies. Accordingly, the Claimant should confirm before treatment that the […]

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